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About Me: Andy McDavid, photographer, Canby Oregon

Andy McDavid

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My name is Andy McDavid and I've been a photographer since, well, since I was about 8 years old; the first time my grandfather came to our house with a big Polaroid Land Camera and took instant photos of everyone in our family. He was an advanced amatuer who, I believe, always wished he'd become a professional. Something in our common genes stayed alive in me, and many years after his passing, a passion for photography came alive for me, too. Somewhere in the late 80's I started photographing my own kids with great success, using 35 mm auto-focus SLRS.; the first of their kind, Minolta Maxxums. With time I moved through the Canon SLRS to Medium format Pentax 645's and Hasselblad 6x6 "squares", and with those transitions, also began photographing weddings and high school seniors.
Eventually film gave way to digital imaging, and although a reluctant convert at first, once familiar with the genre, I became a firm believer. My old film cameras stay on the shelf and once again, I transitioned back to high-end 35 mm, but DSLRS ("digital 35mm") now, not SLRS.
In the late 90's my wife, Pam, and I turned our 2-car garage into a full-on portrait studio, and slowly over the years created an acre of property around our country home that is well-suited for environmental photography - outdoor photos with beautiful and varied backgrounds -
Through all of this the business has grown and best of all, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people of all ages. Some might say I've touched many lives in small ways....but I'd say the opposite is true; they've touched my life in big ways. Some day I look forward to seeing my grandfather again and we can compare notes. I think he'll also be mildly pleased that I was the grandson who ended up with many boxes of his handiwork; years and years of priceless photos of travels, family, and friends. Thanks, Clarence, your grandson, Andy